Based in San Antonio, TX, Seersucker created Gins that cater to the warm and inviting nature of Southern Hospitality. All of their Gins have a lighter, citrus taste.

The Original Southern Style recipe uses a slow copper pot distillation process with flavors of juniper, citrus, honey, and mint. Southern Style works well in a range of cocktails from Gin and Tonic to a Martini.
it appeals to lifelong Gin drinkers as well as those trying Gin for the first time.

Southern Style Lemonade is an all-natural lemon and lavender combo that gives the Gin a sweet, uplifting taste. Enjoy on the rocks or with a splash of your favorite mixer.

Southern Style Limeade is made with all-natural lime juice and fresh mint. The limeade favor makes this an easy sipping cocktail that is perfect on the rocks or with a smidge of club soda.

Southern Style Grapefruit is a refreshing combination of light juniper, all-natural grapefruit juice, and rosemary.  

Come on out and try a lighter, citrus Gin that is perfect for sipping in the Southern heat.