Goodwood Brewing Company

Cheers Staff had the honor of touring Goodwood Brewing Company recently during their trip to Kentucky.

“Touched by wood, brewed with limestone water” 

Goodwood is in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. Inside are hardwood tables and booths with cool chandeliers covered with Goodwood growlers providing both decoration and ambiance. Ted, the owner, is casually sitting at the bar talking with everyday patrons nursing a pint of his own. As the Cheers Crew walked in, the entire atmosphere is like your familiar, favorite bar, comfortable and welcoming.

Goodwood Brewery Sign

After going through their beer lineup, we each chose a beer to taste. Ted showed us behind the scenes of the brewery. We are escorted to the back to see the vats and barrels used to make and age the beer. Instead of numbering their barrels they are all “named” for famous people – Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn to name a few.

Goodwood Last Supper paintingTed took us to see their small, but very capable bottling line, where they bottle and keg by hand. From there he turns our attention to a beautiful, massive painting depicting The Last Supper. Ted scored the treasured painting at a church sale.  He fell in love with the painting and hung it in their brewery over some really cool, eclectic barrels – Willet, Woodford and Ardbeg to name a few. After spending some time “Oohing and Aahing” over the painting and barrels, Ted took us to the basement of the facility on a freight elevator.  There we saw some of the “barrel projects” aging in a nice dark, cool climate. This beer will become the bourbon barrel-aged stouts, porters and saisons with limited availabilities.


Goodwood Brewery Truck

While explaining the barrel aging process, Ted tells us that “Goodwood” was so GOOD that the director of The Kingsmen movie, The Golden Circle, came and enjoyed a couple pints.  He was so impressed with the quality of the beer that he asked if he could use the Goodwood name in the movie. Ted complied with his request and the Goodwood sign hangs proudly over Eggsy’s table in the London bar scenes.  Everything about Goodwood screams craft, from the brewery itself to the beer that is brewed! The Cheers staff had an amazing time and we are proud to carry their products in our store!