Jim Beam Knob Creek Barrel Selection and Bottling Tour

Our trip to Jim Beam/Knob Creek started with the beautiful drive from Bardstown, KY to the Jim Beam distillery.  Payton & David from Athens Distributing Memphis joined us for our visit, and we enjoyed a wonderful sushi & hibachi dinner the evening before with them. Thanks guys!

Cheers Staff at Jim BeamWe met up with Hunter Davis, our tour guide and single barrel specialist. Hunter took us through the gift shop, showed us some of the cool history of the Beam family tree on the walls before loading us up in the Knob Creek Single Barrel Experience van.  He drove us through their property to one of the rick houses on the back of the property, used for single barrel selections. Once again, we used a hammer to pop out the bungs and a whiskey thief to extract our samples. We tasted a selection of three different barrels from three different rick houses to select our sixth single barrel of Knob Creek.

Hunter waited for us to sample and make our blind selection before telling us age times, rick and rack placements, along with other details. We prefer to taste blind, so as to not let just AGE or PLACEMENT of barrels affect our palate and own thoughts on the flavor profile. After selecting an AMAZING barrel, we hammered back in the bungs and a truck came and picked up our barrel selection.

After the barrel selection, Hunter took us over to their smokehouse restaurant for some lunch.  The menu items were smoked using old barrels and charcoal from their distillery.  After we finished a delicious meal, we were taken to find our single barrel.  Our chosen barrel had traveled over to their dump facility. and we watched as they dumped our barrel and filled the keg for proofing, as all single barrels are proofed at exactly 120 proof.

We went into the single barrel bottling room and got to rinse our bottles before labeling them. Once labeled the bottles were filled, capped and sent on a conveyer belt over to our staff. We applied our Cheers Wine & Spirits single barrel plaques on each and every bottle. After boxing all of our single barrel by hand, we collected a few bottles for our staff.  We were able to apply the wax and use our thumbprints to mark the tops of our very own bottles.  This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  Overall, our trip to Jim Beam ended up being very “hands on.”

Knob Creek Thumbprint

Knob Creek Thumbprint









Knob Creek Cheers Plate

Knob Creek Cheers Plate







Knob Creek Single Barrel_Cheers Custom

Knob Creek Single Barrel Cheers Custom









Ask us about the tour, and we will be more than happy to give you more details.   Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned for more, including an update on our specialty Knob Creek bottles for Cheers Wine and Spirits.



For more information about Jim Beam or Knob Creek, please visit their websites.