Friday, January 28th, we had the pleasure of having Papi Joe himself come to Cheers for our tasting of his signature Papi Joe’s Sassy Bloody Mary Mix.

“Caution… May be addictive” is actually written TWICE on the bottle!

Made in Rossville across from the Wolf River Café, Papi Joe turned his once part-time hobby into a handful of thriving products and a business. What makes his mix so good, aside from supporting a locally-made brand, is that it is made with “drippings” from his signature pepper sauce. He uses Tennessee, organically grown tomatoes AND he ensures there are no weird additives or preservatives added. Aside from it being absolutely delicious, we enjoyed Papi Joe’s company. He just feels like the grandfather on the other side of the family that you don’t see much, but are always happy to see at the reunion.

Our time with Papi Joe can be summed up by saying it was just great people, great products & we loved helping support our local scene!