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Fugitives Grandgousier Tennessee Whiskey
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Fugitives Grandgousier Tennessee Whiskey


Category Whiskey
Region United States, Tennessee
Brand Fugitives
Alcohol/vol 48%
Proof 96.00
A spectrum of complex grain folded into a hint of butter biscuit. The nose is robust with caramel & sweet corn while the full body leaves a note of fresh apple. A new approach to Tennessee Whiskey celebrates the local land, grain, & spirit. Grandgousier starts with local, sustainably grown heirloom "Hickory Cane" corn, one of the oldest varieties grown in the South, revered by the Native Americans and original settlers for its abundant flavor and hardiness. We mash, ferment, and copper pot distill our heirloom corn with the finest malted barley in small batches, then filter it through our own handmade Tennessee Sugar Maple charcoal, a method known as "The Lincoln County Process" that defines Tennessee Whiskey. This step adds a mellow hint of caramel and a touch of smoke before we place the whiskey into our custom charred oak barrels, where over time hints of biscuit, corn, and caramel apple join the profile.