Charbay Clear Vodka 1L
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Charbay Clear Vodka

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Category Vodka
Region California
Brand Charbay
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
With so many vodkas out on the market today, the choices can be overwhelming. Our 12th Generation Master Distiller Miles, and son, Marko, use American Midwest corn & rye for their clear vodka. It's distilled to 192 proof for purity, then gently filtered to 80 proof to preserve the spirit's body and mouthfeel. We do not filter through charcoal, limestone or filter-agents. Serving Suggestions: On the rocks, with a splash of soda water, or shaken & served up.
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  • we96-100

Opening nosing passes detect subtle toasty, charcoal aromas. Entry is off-dry to sweet and properly oily; sweet graininess dominates the midpalate. Aftertaste is long, bittersweet and delectably oily. Fashioned more in the plump, sweet style of Holland than eastern Europe (thick, hearty) or Scandinavia (light, flowery).

April 1, 2003