Why Should You Join Us at The Cheers Tasting Bar?

If you are a wine fanatic, bourbon enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys trying new things, chances are you should. No worries. We promise you will love it!

Four Reasons the Cheers Tasting Bar Is Worth It

  1. collierville wine tastingStores with tastings gain more customer insight which results in higher customer satisfaction. Customers who give feedback directly impact our business plan.
  2. It’s the best way to try new products. Who says you have to buy every product before you try it? Our Cheers Tasting Bar solves your problem.
  3. Learn what you do and don’t like. This helps us guide you to exactly the products you want. We can provide choices and recommendations.
  4. Cheers tastings are always complimentary.

How to Attend a Cheers Tasting

It’s easy! Just follow these six simple steps.

  1. Sign up for our email list (we send emails regarding weekly tastings).
  2. Select which tastings that interest you.
  3. Mark your calendar.
  4. Attend.
  5. Sample and find what you love.
  6. Repeat.

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