Wathen's Single Barrel 8 Generations 8 year old
SKU: AL43924

Wathen's Single Barrel 8 Generations 8 year old


Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Wathen's
Proof 94.00
Prestine water, naturally filtered through Kentucky's underground limestone, is used exclusively in the 100% copper distilling process. The finest cereal grains-corn, rye, and malted barley- are selected, milled, and proportioned to exacting standards to produce a mash that awaits the magic of the fermentation process. The Medley family yeast, a zealously guarded secret handed down through eight generations, is then added to the mash. After double distilling, the whiskey is then stored in the finest charred new white oak barrels and allowed to age unhurried to its peak of flavor. Time honored tradition, hands on expertise, and old-fashioned know how are the final ingredients.