Sonoma Syrup Lime Infused Simple Syrup 12 oz.
SKU: TF9291

Sonoma Syrup Lime Infused Simple Syrup

12 oz.

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Category Gourmet Foods
Region California
Brand Sonoma Syrup
Key-Lime, 'Citrus Litifolia', and Persian Lime, 'Citrus aurantifolia' combine for the perfect 'Sweetened Lime Juice' for sprightly cocktails and sodas. We blend the Californian Persian lime juice, lighter and tarter, and follow Florida Key Lime juice, smaller and sweeter, for the perfect citrus flavor. High in Vitamin C, limes were fed to British soldiers as a scurvy preventative. Enjoy the tartness of this fruit and the aroma of its zest to create a simple cocktail or beverage. Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, filtered water, lime juice, Key lime juice from concentrate, lime extract, Key lime extract, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), citric acid, vanilla extract.

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