BruMate MagPack 18-Can Cooler Nightfall Blue Can

BruMate MagPack 18-Can Cooler Nightfall Blue


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Category Coolers
Brand BruMate
Made for ultimate portability, our new MagPack™ 18-Can cooler defines what a soft cooler should be; leakproof, insulated, lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Get the perfect balance of space and portability. Perfect for weekend getaways, the MagPack™ 18-Can is our mid-size, portable soft cooler that keeps your favorite drinks ice-cold for as long as you need. Outfitted with our zipper-free innovative Pivot™ magnetic lid to seal in the cold and prevent leaks, IceGuard™ insulation to lock in the cold for days on end, and our durable, water-proof and puncture-proof Repel™ shell.

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